In hopes of soon becoming a tech-savvy globetrotter, this, ladies and gentlemen, is my first attempt at posting a blog. Ever. Is it working? Can anyone see what I’m typing? Well, here’s hoping…

My purpose for this is simple. I am traveling to China for two weeks and need an outlet in which to share my adventures. China–an historic land of Dynastic proportions that has been swept into the 21st century overnight.

Without access to my regular social networks, my hope is that I can log my travels and post pictures here. Be on the lookout for LOTS of pictures (well, as much as my 3-Gig limit will allow) and lots of trying to describe the overload of sights, sounds, tastes and smells I will undoubtedly encounter. So hop on the rickshaw and get ready for a trip to the other side of the world. Weeeeeee!

Date of departure: Friday, April 9th.
Date of return: Sunday, April 23rd.