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If you DON’T see any new posts from me by next week it’s most likely because I can’t access the site 😦 Don’t worry, though…I’ll do my best to communicate and will definitely send out pictures once I get back!


So, I leave tomorrow morning and of course I am frantically running around trying to get things done at the last minute. What major trip wouldn’t be complete without some unorganized chaos? Is that redundant? While I am excited, let’s recap all the things that went wrong today:


1. Flat tire (technically happened Monday, but we’ll put it here)
2. E-mail from accounts saying my purchasing card needs to be renewed because of a “mass breach of privacy” or something like that. I have had this card for FOUR. YEARS. Murphy’s Law states that this was scheduled to happen the day before an international business trip. Now I must nervously await a copy to be overnighted to me by our business manager while in Beijing. Oy.
3. Traveler’s Checks (or cheques, if you will) are apparently ancient history. After 30 minutes of standing at the bank counter waiting for the–albeit nice–teller to figure out how to disperse them, we found out that all it took was scanning each check into the computer through the little zippy machine. Amazing.

Okay, enough venting. If this is as bad as it gets I won’t complain. But now I get to focus on THE TRIP. All packed (well, almost) for about two months worth of travel. I think that’s reasonable, no? I have enough entertainment to last for two plane trips around the globe, so no worries there. All I have to say is….CHINA HERE I COME!

See you guys on the flip side :0)

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